VMware – How to upgrade vSphere Data Protection 6

First of all, welcome to virtualcloudblog.com and thanks for checking it out. Today, I’ll show you how to upgrade VMware DAta Protection 6.1 to 6.1.7. which was released 20 February, 2018. New release includes the following VMware and Restores issues: VMware Issues Support for routed / NAT / Firewall / IDS / TSNR between the vSphere Data […]

vSAN – Storage Provider

Buenos dias! Gracias por visitar virtualcloudblog.com; hoy escribo este post relaccionado con vSAN y los Stoarage Providers. Un poco de teoria:  vSAN storage providers are built-in software components that communicate datastore capabilities to vCenter Server. A storage capability typically is represented by a key-value pair, where the key is a specific property offered by the datastore. The value […]