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Today, I’m going to show the most used vSAN commands I use, on a daily basis, for troubleshooting, for performance, etc….Please use these commands carefully, under your responsibility.

To use these commands, you need to log in in the vCenter RVC console (a previous post was created to have RVC access and the way to log in).

One thing, you should use “Tab”, commands and paths can be tab completed as is typical in most command line interfaces. Whitespace characters will need to be escaped with a backslash.

The vSphere environment is broken up into 5 areas:

 Storage: vSphere Storage Profiles
 Computers: ESXi Hosts
 Networks: Networks and network components
 Datastores: Datastores and datastore components
 VMs: Virtual Machines and virtual machine components

Note: I kindly recommend you to raise a VMware service request in case of doubts, issues or problems.

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