ESXi – vSAN commands – vSAN Congestion

Hello all, This post explains and provide details about vSAN congestion Congestion is a flow control mechanism used by vSAN (congestion). and it occurs when the I/O rate of the lower layers of the storage subsystem fails to keep up with the I/O rate of the higher layers. Congestion is a feedback mechanism to reduce the […]

ESXi- vSAN command – VMware vSAN – CMMDS

Hello all, This post is related to the previous one vSAN commands – VMware vSAN – Part 1 Today, new ESXi vSAN commands will be explained for better vSAN understanding and it’s ESXi related which can be used for troubleshooting, but not in all cases. esxcli vsan storage list   List storage disks claimed by vSAN.


vSAN Troubleshooting Commands

Hello all, This post will be mainly focused on vSAN commands at ESX level, so please use these commands under your responsability.  I kindly recommend you to raise a VMware service request in case of doubts, issues or problems. When a hardware device, host, or network fails, or if a host is placed into maintenance mode, […]

RVC – vSAN commands – VMware vSAN – Part 1

Hello all, Today, I’m going to show the most used vSAN commands I use, on a daily basis, for troubleshooting, for performance, etc….Please use these commands carefully, under your responsibility. To use these commands, you need to log in in the vCenter RVC console (a previous post was created to have RVC access and the […]

RVC – How to connect RVC vSAN? – VMware vSAN

Hello All, This is my first vSAN post so first of all, I hope you have same basic knowledge about it. vSAN is a “Software-Defined-Storage” (in advance – SDS). This terminology is not new, and it has been used for some time (for the last 4 years – I think). vSAN is a VMWare product […]